Trying again…an exercise in gorgeous words: The Birthday

January 12, 2010 at 10:06 am Leave a comment

: Exercise One, Steering the Craft: Be aware of the sound of your writing. Be gorgeous with your words — use onomatopoeia, alliteration, repetition, rhythmic effect, made-up words or names, dialect — any kind of sound-effect.
Driving, dreaming, distracted. Dammit!
Missed turns. Missed roads. Missed signs. Missed moments.
Silent thoughts slip away. Lost already. Serious, only whispered thoughts surface.
How did I get here? What drove me to distraction?
Oh, it was me. Driving.
A birthday.
Fifty five. Fifty five. Fifty five. But alive! A birthday. Celebrated. Sung. Surrounded by family and friends.
But still …. Fifty five. Fifty five. Fifty five.
How did I get here? Some missed roads. Some missed signs. Some missed opportunities. Some missed moments.
How did I get here?
Oh, it was me. Driving.
Fifty five. Fifty five. Fifty fabulous five.
And more. Yes! More! Please, more!
More roads. More signs. More opportunities. More moments. To seize. To grasp. To grab. To embrace.
How will I get there? It will be me.

: Do you want to join me on this writing journey? What happened today or yesterday? Choose a moment, an event, an interaction, an overheard conversation. Write a gorgeous sentence or two or three about it. Use the ‘comments’ box to share.


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