An Exercise in No Punctuation

January 18, 2010 at 8:56 pm Leave a comment

: Steering the Craft, Exercise 2 – Write a paragraph to a page of narrative with no punctuation, paragraphs, or other breaking devices.

No Punctuation — © Sue Black January 13, 2010

Bundled against the cold in bulging jackets red carves green gloves and boots bursting with energy families board the train to see Santa and candy cane decorations happy to join other laughing families headed in the same direction welcoming the sunshine as it joins the laughter in that cozy train car filled with moms and dads and aunts and uncles and cousins too excited to sit still but instead bouncing and pointing and secretly wishing for these moments to last forever when suddenly all goes dark dark dark as the train enters the long tunnel underground families join the jerky movements with hats returned to heads coats buttoned people standing and hurrying to leave that train to begin the real adventure but waiting and taking hands and smiling more as everyone climbs down train steps with helping hands hand in hand two hands missing missing missing where is she have you seen her is she with you we can’t find her where can she be has someone taken her down the track that way is no one no one no one up the track that way hundreds of people walking with my daughter she’s not here you have to find her in this dark place this is not joy and laughter this is fear and panic she’s too young she doesn’t know run run run you have to find her run run run I cannot move I’ll stay right here I will not move until you find her bundled against the cold worried faces stare at one another cousins do not know we are scared but tug at jacket sleeves and beg to go but we do not go we cannot go not without her not until her smiling face brings sunshine to the day again fills the tunnel now lit with joy as father holds daughter’s hand smiling smiling smiling not lost but found and ready to begin the real adventure

: This one’s harder than it looks. Give it a try and post in the comments.


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