An Exercise in Verbal Repetition

February 10, 2010 at 9:37 am 1 comment

: Steering the Craft, Exercise Four – Part 1: Verbal Repetition
Write a paragraph (150 words) that includes at least 3 repetitions of a noun, verb, or adjective.

I stood behind the door, opened just a little bit so I could see and hear, but they couldn’t, and I watched. I hurried to the bed, reached for the dusty and worn suitcase I’d unpacked five years earlier, threw it open on top of Mama’s quilt – the only thing I had left to remind me of Mama – and I started throwing clothes and books and Mama’s quilt too, would it fit? – into the suitcase. I ran back to the door and peered through the crack. Was he still there? Would he wait for me? In the faint light of the candle, with the chaos spilling out of my suitcase behind me, with my hope of leavin’ the Stony Pass Inn sittin’ in the dining room in front of me, I watched. But then Auntie Agnes came in with another glass for whiskey, this one for her. I knew what was comin’. She would laugh and smile and pour more whiskey and push her hair from her eyes and lean forward so he could see down the front of her dress. I’d watched it all happen before. I watched it happening again. But this time it would not end the same.


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Illinois Author and Illustrator Blogs An Exercise in Syntactic Repetition

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  • 1. Lainie  |  February 17, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    OK, so now I definitely want to hear how this story is coming along. You’ve got to let me know what happens next!


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