Two Voices

March 28, 2010 at 12:57 pm Leave a comment

Here’s my project for this week, from
:Naming the World and other Exercises for the Creative Writer, edited by Bret Johnston
Exercise submitted by Richard Bausch
pages 232-235

“ …. concoct a circumstance where two voices are to be heard.  …….allow yourself no lines of summary, no attribution, no descriptions of tone, no characterizing of voice or the words. Just the two voices.  …..make sure that every single line of it is accomplishing more than one thing: it’s giving character while advancing the plot while enhancing the reader’s sensual experience of the whole while foreshadowing the eventual outcome. All that.”

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days already. First I need to narrow my focus to a scene, event, adventure, moment. Then I’ll be able to write.

I’d love to have you join me. Let’s see what happens!


Entry filed under: Steering the Craft_Writing Exercises.

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