Storytelling for Bullying Prevention — The Cat, the Chicken, and the Mouse

August 11, 2011 at 1:03 pm 1 comment

The Cat, the Chicken, and the Mouse
©Sue Black /August 2011

Little Mouse was born in a nest in a dark, quiet corner of the barn. When Little Mouse was newly born his skin was pink – no fur at all – and his eyes were closed, so of course he had to stay inside of that nest close to Mama Mouse.
But Little Mouse grew up fast. By the time Little Mouse was 10 days old he had soft brown fur. When Little Mouse was 14 days old he opened his eyes – round, black eyes. At just 21 days old, he was already boasting. “Mama, Mama, I don’t need to stay in this nest anymore. I’m all grown up. I want to see the world. I want to find friends to play with; not just you, Mama.”
(Mama Mouse) “Alright, Little Mouse. You go see the world. There is much to learn. But stay close to the barn, be home in time for dinner, and for goodness sake choose your friends wisely!”
Little Mouse nodded and scampered away. He explored the barnyard most of the afternoon. Little Mouse hurried into the barn just as Mama was putting supper on the table.

(Mama) “Well, how was your day? Did you make any friends?”
(Little Mouse) “Mama, Mama, I saw the prettiest animal, with soft fur. Just like me. She had long whiskers, too. Just like me. And, Mama, she had four legs and two ears. Just like me. Her tail was long – just like me – and she waved it at me; I think she was glad to see me. Mama, when I got close, she said ‘hello’. Well, she said, “Meow”, but I think she was really saying ‘hello’. Mama, when I go play tomorrow I’m going to ask her if she will be my friend.”

(Mama – alarmed) “Little Mouse, you need to be careful that was a ……………”
(Little Mouse) “Oh, Mama, I was careful. Let me tell you the rest. I saw a terrible monster too! I saw her sitting on an egg! Not like me! I don’t sit on eggs. She had feathers and wings, too. Not like me. She had ugly skinny legs – only two legs – with no fur at all. Not like me. She had hideous, red spikes on top of her head and wrinkly, red skin hanging under her beak. All she did was scratch and peck in the dirt with her beak. A beak, Mama, not even a mouth. Not like me. And, Mama, when she opened her mouth a horrible shriek came out, “Cock-a-doodle-do!” I ran away as fast as I could. I do not want to be her friend. I’m very careful, Mama.”
(Mama Mouse) “Little Mouse, no! That pretty ‘just like me’ animal you saw was a cat. She likes to eat young mice like you for dinner! That terrible ‘not like me’ monster was nothing but a chicken. Chicken only eats seeds and grain. She won’t hurt you. Be careful the next time you go out, Little Mouse. Be careful how you choose your friends.”


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  • 1. Lainie Levin  |  August 11, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    A well-told fable, Sue! Here’s hoping that little mouse (and the little humans who hear of him) emerge all the wiser.


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